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We call them “boxes” for short, but the names people call them and the various uses for them seems unlimited. The following is a short list of the names we’ve heard and the uses we’ve seen.

A cargo container was used for storage. A shipping container was used for a hay barn. A storage container was made into a swimming pool. A conex box was used as a job box on a construction site.
A sea cube (2) were stacked together to make an observation tower for a fire lookout. A freight container was converted to a greenhouse grow room to grow plants. A cargo box was converted to a bar.

An ocean container was used for living space for the homeless. The bottom line is that these shipping containers are extremely versatile in their possible uses. Of course the number one use of these containers is for storage. I once had a man hug me when I delivered his container. He was so happy that he was finally going to be able to move all of his wife’s holiday decorations out of the garage.

Many customers use the cargo containers to store tools, lawnmowers, tractors and other household items. We use ours to store our patio furniture for the winter. One of the greatest aspects of shipping containers is that they are ready for use immediately. The process of obtaining a cargo container is pretty simple and once delivered, the box is ready for use. We think everyone should have one…really.