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NorCal Containers™ provides quality new and used Cargo Containers to all of California, Oregon, and Nevada.

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Used Cargo Containers

We offer 40′ high cube, 40 standard, and 20′ standard as well as other specialized sizes.

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Delivery is available to most locations. We also offer next day and emergency delivery when possible. Our goal is to get you a quality container at a great price. Call Paul for current pricing 530-859-2505

Grades of containers….from best to worst

The best grade of shipping container available is the


These are boxes that are manufactured overseas and shipped over one time. They do not ship them empty, to be efficient, so they could have a scratch or two. For the most part they are super clean and in excellent condition. They come with lock-boxes already installed and easy to open doors

The best used containers are a grade that is only available from NorCal containers™. It is the

Cargo worthy plus grade

These are containers that have good, clean floors, good doors and seals, and less rust and dents than the average used containers. Obviously there are no holes or leaks. Being a used container that has been on ships on the ocean they will generally have some scrapes, dents, and rust. But in this grade those are at a minimum.

Cargo worthy grade

These cargo containers are still better than most of the used containers on the market. A cargo worthy designation only means that the box is structurally sound enough to be used for shipping. It does not necessarily mean that it looks good. This is a broad category that is often exaggerated and misunderstood in the used container industry. NorCal containers™ only sells the best of the cargo worthy grade boxes. The ones that don’t meet our standards get sold as a lower grade.

WWT or wind and water tight

These are the shipping containers that can no longer be used for shipping cargo. They generally have some structural issues and lots of dents and rust. The doors are often difficult to open and close. These are the containers that are often sold by brokers who never see the container they are selling (and for good reason). They are not supposed to have holes or leaks but after bouncing down the road on a delivery trailer they just might. These are the containers we usually leave for the other guys to try and sell. If you really want one, we can get one, but typically our prices for a cargo worthy grade are as good as the other guys WWT.

AS-IS grade

These conex boxes are damaged and the shipping companies have decided that it would cost them too much to repair. They are often used for fence lines, boat anchors (just kidding) or for parts to repair other boxes. They are also sold for scrap when prices dictate that action. We sell them but they sure do look ugly on the trailer.

Just a note on all of the different grades of shipping containers…As you can imagine, there is a lot of grey area and overlap in the quality of the containers that are available. NorCal Containers™ always tries to sell the best containers in each category. We want all of our customers to get the highest quality container possible for the price category. Speaking of pricing, we hear it all the time….”you have the lowest priced shipping containers in Northern California.” Or, “NorCal Containers™ has the best prices for cargo containers and the best quality storage containers available.” Our customers tell us these things because it is true. We have the best suppliers from the best shipping lines and we get the best quality containers in Bay Area California, Southern Oregon, and Nevada in every grade. We buy in bulk to get the best pricing. We move our own cargo containers to our yards and then deliver them ourselves with fuel efficient trucks. We keep our overhead low and our expenses down. In turn, we can offer the best containers, the best service, and the lowest prices.