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We are NorCal Containers, your premier destination for buying freight containers. Whether you need a cargo container for storage, transportation, or any other purpose, we have you covered. With our extensive inventory, competitive prices, and exceptional customer service, we are committed to helping you find the perfect container to meet your requirements. Explore our website and discover why we are the preferred choice for conex boxes in Northern California, Oregon & Nevada

Durable and Versatile

Our freight containers are built to withstand the harshest conditions, ensuring the safe and secure transportation of your goods. We offer a diverse range of container sizes, including 20-foot, and 40-foot options, allowing you to choose the ideal size for your requirements. Our containers are constructed with durable materials to protect your cargo from weather elements and theft, providing peace of mind during transit.

Customize your Container

At NorCal Containers, we understand that every customer has unique needs. That’s why we offer customization options to tailor the freight container to your specific requirements. Whether you need additional doors, windows, ventilation, or insulation, our experienced team can modify the container to suit your needs. We ensure that your container is functional and ready for use, saving you time and effort.

Affordable Freight Container Prices

We believe in providing our customers with the best value for their money. Our freight containers are competitively priced to ensure affordability without compromising quality. We offer transparent pricing with no hidden costs, allowing you to make an informed decision. By choosing NorCal Containers, you can access high-quality containers at a price that fits your budget.

Prompt Delivery and Excellent Customer Service

When you choose NorCal Containers, you can expect prompt delivery and exceptional customer service. We understand the importance of timely transportation, and our team works diligently to ensure your containers are delivered when you need them. Our knowledgeable staff is always ready to assist you with any questions or concerns, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience from start to finish.

Choose NorCal for Your Container Needs

When it comes to reliable and versatile cargo containers, NorCal Containers is the trusted choice. With our extensive inventory, customization options, affordable prices, and outstanding customer service, we are committed to exceeding your expectations. Explore our selection of shipping containers today and find the perfect solution for your needs. 


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Extensive Inventory

We maintain a diverse selection of new and used shipping containers, conex and cargo containers. Our inventory includes various sizes, ranging from 20ft to 40ft new and used shipping containers, allowing you to choose the one that fits your needs perfectly.

High-Quality Containers

At NorCal Containers, we prioritize quality. All our containers are made from durable steel and are built to withstand harsh weather conditions and transportation challenges. Rest assured that you will receive a container that meets your expectations.

Competitive Prices

We understand the importance of affordability. Our pricing is highly competitive in the market, ensuring that you receive the best value for your investment. By choosing us, you can save significantly without compromising on quality.

Customization Options

We offer customization services to tailor the container according to your specific requirements. Whether you need modifications for ventilation, doors, windows, or any other feature, our team can assist you in creating a container that perfectly suits your needs.

Delivery and Logistics

NorCal Containers provides reliable delivery and logistics services to ensure a hassle-free experience. We will deliver your purchased container to your desired location in California promptly and securely.




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