The Top 5 Benefits of Using Shipping Containers for Storage


When it comes to storage, there is nothing more important than finding a secure and dependable location to stow away your precious cargo. Whether you want to keep materials for your business safe or free up some space around the house, shipping containers are the unsung heroes of the storage world. With the ability to hold anything from heavy-duty construction materials to small and valuable household items, containers are a practical option that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Versatile and reliable, shipping containers have begun to shed the reputation of only transporting cargo across oceans. These steel giants have found a new calling as an efficient storage solution.

Their popularity has boomed in recent years and will only continue to grow. You might be surprised to find out just how convenient an option this might be, so let’s dive into the top five advantages of using shipping containers for storage.


When using a shipping container for storage, one thing is for certain: you will get your money’s worth. The biggest pro is of course the size. Standard shipping containers are typically 20 to 40 feet in length and 8 feet in width, which is almost four times the average storage locker size.

Shipping containers offer a generous amount of space without a hefty price tag attached. While purchasing a container can be expensive up-front, you won’t need to worry about monthly fees which can add up over time. Long term, cargo containers are the more affordable option.

There are also many things to consider when deciding what kind of storage container to buy. The most affordable option is to buy one used, however it is important to check the container thoroughly to make sure it matches your expectations and is free of any defects.

What’s more, shipping containers offer both durability and security, resulting in a long-lasting solution that is a worthwhile investment. Keep reading to learn more about these amazing benefits.

Unmatched Durability

When it comes to storage, you want to be certain everything inside the container remains intact and in perfect condition. Made of steel that is resistant to both rust and corrosion, shipping containers are specifically designed to be extremely durable. Most containers have a lifespan of around 25 years, and many, if well taken care of, can last even longer than that.

These containers can withstand harsh conditions and are built to be weather-proof, waterproof, and even pest-proof. By effectively keeping the elements out, you can rest easy at night knowing your goods are protected inside the container.

Safe and Secure

 No one wants to store their things and worry about whether or not they are safe. Shipping containers, with strong steel panels and a sturdy construction, offer a high level of protection. Especially if the container is secured with a quality lock, it would be very difficult for anyone to break in and steal your belongings. Even if someone tried, it would be an impossible task without creating some kind of racket, which will alert others in the area to a potential break-in.

Safety is never something you want to compromise on. With a shipping container, you can have peace of mind that your belongings are protected.


What makes shipping containers such an appealing storage solution is their ability to be customized to your needs. Containers come in various size configurations and can be modified to suit any purpose. From installing shelves, windows, insulation and more, containers can be adjusted any which way.

No other storage option can boast this much versatility. Whether you need storage for a retail space or business, or even a home, the unique ability to choose the size and adjust the space to fit your desires makes shipping containers an ideal solution.


Shipping containers have always been used to transport cargo from one location to another, whether it be across oceans or over land. The biggest advantage to using a storage solution with this history is that wherever you go, your cargo container can likely go with you.

Containers are designed with shipping in mind, which makes transporting your things a breeze. Life happens and circumstances arise where relocation is necessary. By using shipping containers, moving your storage doesn’t need to be a hassle.

Find Your Next Storage Solution with NorCal Containers

There is a reason shipping containers have become increasingly popular in the storage world. These hefty metal boxes have proven to be a fantastic option for all your storage needs, and NorCal Containers is ready to help you find the best and most affordable containers so you can store your belongings with confidence and ease.

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